The hierarchy of the fashion world operates around one notion-making the cut. Meaning, are you “In crowd”, “Out crowd”, the A-list, B-list, the “Uninhibited” or … the coveted “Front Row?”

Front Row Couture is an innovatiove luxe brand that represents front-of-the-line privilege. The clothing is meant for fashion lovers and leaders – the confident, the gracious and the faithful.

Front Row creator Shateria Moragne-el has been involved in fashion and the performing arts most of her life. The Mary-land native attended the Baltimore School for the Arts where she focused on ballet and modern dance. Soon after, Moragne-el decided to flex her creative muscle in a different arena – the world of fashion. She worked as a personal stylist and consultant, providing creative direction on a variety of projects, lookbooks and catalogues.

Knowing a thing or two about Front Row life, she decided to create a line that would make her consumers fell the same way. Her clothing and designs ensure comfort, confidence and appeal. Front Row couture represents unmatched style and freedom – inspiring its  consumers to be seen on the scene and never settle for anything less than the Front Row.