Seven Sexy Holiday Dresses

With December in full swing, shopping for sexy holiday dresses has pretty much become my M.O. From fun and flirty A-line silhouettes to super sultry shift dresses, there”s something about finding a piece that is perfectly cut and shaped that makes my inner fashionista want to break out into #song and dance. I don”t know about you guys but rocking ridiculously hot dresses can definitely be a confidence booster. What”s more is that adding a pair of slimming tights can be a total game changer. So, if you”re heading to your friend”s holiday party or want to plan ahead for New Year, these sexy holiday dresses (featuring a diverse price range) just may be right up your alley.

1. Scenic Road Trip Dress

Seven Ridiculously Sexy Holiday Dresses

Let”s all take a moment to marvel at how gorgeous the indigo top looks paired with the pine-green skirt; from its defined waist to the sophisticated sash, this definitely fits the bill as far as sexy holiday dresses go. The minute I laid #eyes on this incredibly vibrant dress, I just knew that I had to own it! I”ll definitely be putting this little number from #Modcloth on rotation.

2. Sequined Zigzag Cami Dress

Seven Ridiculously Sexy Holiday Dresses

After taking just one look at the sharp zigzag design and eye catching metallic tones, I think it”s a widely shared fact that Forever 21 knocked it out of the park with this dress. Ladies, wait until you see the scoop back with v-straps. This is a perfect contender for that New Year”s Eve celebration with your pals. Thank you for adding some serious glam to an already fabulous cami!

3. Neoprene Asymmetrical Dress

Seven Ridiculously Sexy Holiday Dresses

Am I the only one in love with this daring cut from Necessary Clothing? The best part about this two-tone edgy #look is that it can be worn for a night out or paired with a neutral blazer and some killer heels for a daytime secret santa outing. Whatever your fancy is, there”s no question that this is a fashion DO.

4. Illusion Neckline Maxi Dress

Seven Ridiculously Sexy Holiday Dresses

Who said that you have to stick to the usual red, silver, green or black garb? In fact, you can take your trendsetting skills even further by ditching your mini dress for a maxi one! Pull out all of the stops at your next party with this maxi from Forever 21.

5. Ryu #Time and Grace Dress in Merlot

Seven Ridiculously Sexy Holiday Dresses

Stop the press because it”s time to get real classy. From the artfully tied neckline to the edgy burgundy lace underlay, #everything about this get up screams sophistication and style. When it comes to sexy and creative shift dresses, #Modcloth is killing it.

6. Glitz & Glam Sequined Skater Dress

Seven Ridiculously Sexy Holiday Dresses

In need of a seriously sassy dress for your holiday with your family that is still mother-in-law friendly? No problem! Rue 21 has a pretty amazing collection of skater dresses; trust me when I say that the photo of this dress doesn”t do it justice. Also, the plunging v-neck in the back is positively gorgeous!

7. Skater Dress with Pussy Bow

Seven Ridiculously Sexy Holiday Dresses

This flirty pink hue will definitely be a hit! The bow detail and pleated skirt adds a modern touch to the classic skater dress #look. You can even dress up this ASOS original with a leather jacket for a really cool vibe.

Shopping for holiday dresses has never been so fun. What are your plans for the holidays? Are there any other looks that you think should”ve made this list?

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